Tom Jackson
Suffers from Arthritis

Todd Grande - Suffers from Spasticity
Chronic Fatigued Muscles & Constant Stiffness
Mike Sheppard - U.S. Air Force F-16 Pilot
20 Years of Military Service
Tracey Nycazai
Certified Athletic Therapist for 22 Years
Myron Parness
Suffers From Multiple Foot Surgeries
Suffers From Arthritis & Joint Pain
Social Worker for over 20 years
UCLA Surgeon for over 30 years
Dr. Steve Lee - Diagnostic Radiology Specialist
IBM Project Director
Military Veteran, Ertle Moore
Dr. Shawn Lee's brother
loves the chair so much, he bought one himself.
Dr. Katherine Gordon, MD
Family Practitioner, South Carolina College of Medicine
38 Years of Military Service
Ron Lloyd & Arlene Burke-Lloyd
Therasa Lazarus
Suffers from Arthritis & Degenerative Bone Disease
Leah Campanelli
Suffers from Multiple Back Surgeries, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraines