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Brian Lee
Certified Capenter / Contractor Remodeling “We love our Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair and it's something that our family will enjoy for many years to come.”


Brian Lee is a finish carpenter and remodeling contractor who attended Boise State University for Pre-Med and decided to later pursue a seperate career with an interest in carpentry and contracting.

After his brother Shawn Lee bought a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair and Brian went over for a visit, He loved the chair so much that he called us to say, "I haven't been able to get out of the chair in 3 days" and later bought one himself!

The first different that Brian Lee notices about a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair to other massage chairs is the strong and sturdy infustructure that supports the chair. He also mentions the modern look of that chair that has the ability to match the rest of the furniture in his house but also "catches everybody's eye that happenes to come over for a visit."

He mentions the many different functions and several different settings as the premiere abilities of the chair for a few different reasons. First, because he has a different massage in the morning than he has in the evening which allows for a more precise therapy. Second, because other people can use the chair. He appriciates that this massage chair can fit vertually anyone because of the adjustability of the chair and the vast amount of settings it provides.

His favorite, and what he thinks is the best part, is the airbags. "It has a multitude of airbags that compress and decompress and it allows your muscles to be pushed on - which stimulates the blood flow that actually just gets everything moving. - It gets me up and out of the hosue."