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Retired Chiroporactic Doctor with over 30 Years of Chiropractic Pratice & 39 Years of Massage Therapy Experience officially endorses the Medical Breakthrough Series Massage Chairs™ because it "can help so many people."


Retired Chiropractic Doctor, Linda Elyad, is a cum laude graduate of Doctor of Chiropractics from Palmer College of Chiropractic West and a student of Stanford University through the Arthritis Foundation.

As an expert in her field, Elyad spent over 30 years of her knowledge as a trusted Chiropractic Doctor and 39 years as a massage therapist alleviating pain in all types of patients. She spent most of her time working, and correcting the pain of everyday Americans, but also used her expertise in countries such as Israel.

In the featured video, Linda Elyad made her voice apparent; she loves the wonders of massage therapy, and chiropractic practices. She shares a story of a long time friend with overwhelming aches and pains that progressively

became worse. With the purchase of a massage chair, Elyad’s friend had found everyday relief for the very first time since the pain developed. Elyad and her friend credit massage therapy for the relief she found, and further acknowledged the discoveries that Medical Breakthrough™ has made to give access for pain relief for those in need. In the eyes of Elyad, Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™ continues to innovate many features allowing an appropriate, new variety of massages specifically made for each individual and further views Medical Breakthrough as one of the best innovations of the millennium.

"I’m so happy about the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™; they are a fabulous, new innovation. I’ve never endorsed a product before in all of these years, but this I’m endorsing because it can help so many people." ~Linda Elyad

"We work very hard to earn the respect of the medical community, and it is a great honor to have her endorsement. To be recognized by such an accomplished chriopractor is an amazing achievement. We are honored and will continue our mission to relieve the world of chronic pain. We could not have done all of this ourselves, and thanks to former chiropractors like Linda Elyad, we are helping more and more people lead better lives everyday. Chronic pain can lead to so many problems and the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs can help so many people, that's why more and more doctors are joining our mission every month." - Sarah Mitchell, Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs™.



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