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Nick Grimaldi, Certified Master Technician, recommends a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair™ for its abilities. “Whatever you want, you command the system.”

As a Certified Master Technician, Nick Grimaldi has extensive experience building race cars over the last 40 years. Due to his profession, he suffered ongoing back aches throughout the years caused by multiple car crash injuries.

Since he was desperate to find relief, he bought the first massage chair he could get his hands on, thinking that they all provided the same benefits. After being extremely disappointed with his first purchase, he did some research to find the best massage chair on the market for his back pain and injuries. His research lead him to a Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair™ and he has been “a happy camper” ever since.

Nick Grimaldi advises that you read the directions before using your chair because there are many different functions and customization options that the massage chair offers. He says to take your time on learning these functions and the specific massages you need to get the best possible benefits from your chair because Medical Breakthrough™ offers a suitable massage for everybody.

“You’ve got seven different systems, you’ve got good quality, you’ve got multiple airbags, and you’ve got multiple massage points. When I use this Medical Breakthrough Chair, it feels like there’s three people massaging my body at the same time. I love it.”

In the morning, Nick Grimaldi enjoys a massage that helps his circulation, muscles and joints to start moving; he chooses a faster massage for this. In the evening he chooses a massage that will relax him to get ready for bed. What’s different about this chair is that you specify the customization settings you get with your massage, such as adjustments to the speed, pressure, and length of your massage.

“Whatever you want, you command the system.” ~Nick Grimaldi, Master Certified Technician



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