Types of Massage Techniques in Massage Chairs

Michelle | Apr 17, 2024

Feeling like there’s just no time to relax with your crazy schedule? We've all been there. But here's something cool to consider: massage chairs. They are this neat little escape, right in your home.

Perfect for working out those sore spots or just kicking back after a long day. These chairs come with all sorts of massage settings.

Interested in what they've got?

Let's explore the top massage techniques these chairs have and see how they can help you kick back and soothe those tight spots.

1) Kneading

Think of this like a pair of strong hands working out those tough knots in your muscles. It’s like getting a deep muscle relief that leaves you feeling more relaxed and less tense.

  • Benefits: Great for making you more limber and easing those tight spots.
  • Targeted Areas: Really hits the spot on your back and shoulders.

2) Tapping

Imagine a rhythmic drumbeat, dancing across your back – that's tapping for you. It feels like it's rhythmically knocking out all the stress and weariness from your day.

  • Benefits: It's a real boost for your circulation, shaking off all that muscle tension.
  • Targeted Areas: Mainly focuses on your back, giving you that boost you didn't even know you were missing.

3) Shiatsu

Ever wanted a Shiatsu pro on call for your aches? With this, it’s like one’s always there, ready to work their magic on your aches. It’s a game-changer for when you need that deep, pinpointed pressure to unravel all those knots.

  • Benefits: It does wonders in melting away tension and getting your blood pumping, and it’s like a head-to-toe sigh of relief.
  • Targeted Areas: It’s an all-over treat, but it really shines when it comes to soothing your back and neck.

4) Knocking and Rolling (Back Stretch)

Picture a gentle yoga session just for your back – that's what this feels like. The chair takes on the role of a yoga instructor, leaving your back feeling limber and relaxed.

  • Benefits: Keeps your spine nice and flexible and kisses goodbye to that pesky back tension.
  • Targeted Areas: It zeroes in on your spine and the surrounding muscles, giving them the stretch they’ve been craving.

5) Reflexology Foot Massage

This hits every spot in your feet as if it knows them by heart, just like a reflexology expert. It's like your feet are on a mini-holiday, getting revitalized after trudging through the day.

  • Benefits: Incredibly soothing, and it might just make you feel like your whole body's taken a deep, relaxing breath.
  • Targeted Areas: Treats your feet from heel to toe – they'll thank you for it.

6) Engulfed Arm Massage

Ever wished for an arm massage after a long day of typing or scrolling? That’s what the Engulfed Arm Massage in these chairs is all about. It feels like a spa day for your arms and hands, right down to your fingertips.

  • Benefits: It's a real treat for sore arms and hands, especially if you're someone who's constantly typing or texting.
  • Targeted Areas: This one focuses on giving some TLC to your entire arms, from your shoulders right down to your fingertips.

7) Hip Twist

The Hip Twist is like a gentle dance for your lower body, swaying your hips side to side in a soothing rhythm. This relaxing yet invigorating movement is perfect for loosening up your hips and lower back.

  • Benefits: It helps loosen up those hips and lower back, which is great for feeling more limber and agile.
  • Targeted Areas: Zeroes in on your hips and lower back, easing the areas that often tense up after sitting or standing too long.

8) Shoulder Massage

After a long day at the computer, a good shoulder rub can feel like a lifesaver. The Shoulder Massage technique in these chairs does just that, with airbags that deeply massage and help roll away the tension in your shoulders.

  • Benefits: Perfect for easing shoulder strain, especially after long hours of desk work.
  • Targeted Areas: Targets your shoulders and upper back, which is where a lot of us carry our stress and tension.

9) Full Body Stretch

The Full Body Stretch technique works like a personal yoga session for your entire body. It gently stretches you from your back to your legs, holding your hips in place for a truly soothing experience.

  • Benefits: Great for improving your flexibility and might even help in steering clear of injuries. Plus, it's a fantastic way to relax after a busy day.
  • Targeted Areas: Focuses mainly on giving a good stretch to your back and legs, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


Massage chairs act as your personal wellness assistant. With their range of massage techniques, they've got you covered, whether you need a thorough deep-tissue massage or a gentle stretch. So, go ahead, lean back in your chair, and let yourself unwind in your very own relaxation spot.

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