How Long Should Your Massage Chair Session Be

Michelle | Nov 28, 2023

Kicked back and daydreamed about ultimate relaxation lately? Yes! And what springs to mind? That sumptuous image of lounging in a massage chair, letting it work its magic, kneading away all the day's stresses. Honestly, these chairs have become quite the rage. It's like having a spa day, anytime. But hold on, here comes the million-dollar question: Just how long should you chill in that chair to get the most bang for your buck?

You know that indescribable bliss when you’re nestled in the best massage chair, right? It's akin to a gentle cuddle from the tranquil nymph. But have you ever been in the midst of that 'Ahh' moment and suddenly thought, "Wait, am I overstaying my welcome here?" After all, figuring out the optimal time to spend on a massage chair isn’t as simple as setting a timer. And while we're all game for soaking up those massage perks, remember the golden rule: Too much of a good thing? Not always a great idea.

The Magic Number – How Long is Ideal?

So, you've got your fancy full body massage chair and you're raring to go, right? Let's spill the beans on the sweet spot for a massage session. For most folks, chilling in the chair for about 15 to 30 minutes hits the mark. It's just the right amount of time to let the chair work its magic on those tricky spots without overdoing it. It's like hitting the gym; staying too long and you might feel a bit of that "why did I overdo it?" muscle soreness.

These chairs are like smartphones; tons of settings! If yours has a bunch of programs and intensities, maybe start on the gentler side, especially if you're still getting to know your chair. But always keep an ear out for what your body's telling you. It's the best guide you've got!

Frequency Matters Too

Once you've discovered the wonders of that chair magic, who wouldn’t want to jump in at every opportunity? But here's a little insider info: try to limit yourself to one fabulous session a day. Especially if you're vibing with those intense settings.

Thinking of using the chair for some serious therapeutic or remedial sessions? Well, that's a different ballgame. It's like seeking a personal trainer for a specific workout goal. Perhaps you would like to discuss that with a healthcare pro about that. They'll help you find the right groove for your needs.

The Different Strokes for Different Folks

Did you know that our treasured massage chairs come with a variety of settings? We're talking about everything from Shiatsu to Swedish, and from kneading to rolling. It's like a buffet of relaxation! And here's the thing - each setting offers its special lineup of massage chair benefits. Dealing with a pesky backache? Maybe give the kneading or rolling settings a whirl. But if you're all about that general 'I want to float on a cloud' vibe, the gentle embrace of the Swedish setting might be your jam.

Let’s be candid: always tune into your body's signals. If something feels off or a tad too intense, it's your body's way of saying, "Hey, let's switch gears." Because at the end of the day, we're all here for some quality relaxation and rejuvenation, aren't we?

How Much Should You Spend on a Massage Chair?

So you've got your eyes set on a massage chair, but then comes the big question - how much should you really spend? These chairs, with all their bells and whistles, are fab, but they can also be a bit of an investment.

Let's break it down:

  • Variety is the spice:
  • Massage chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and, yep, price tags. Brands, features, and design can make the price swing from 'okay, doable' to 'yikes!'

  • Best doesn't mean priciest:
  • Here's the inside scoop - it's all about what you need. Do you have a cranky back that acts up? Maybe splurge a bit on a chair with those fancy therapeutic features. After a tiring day, just wanting to put your feet up and chill? A basic model might be all you need.

  • Long-term thinking:
  • Think about the chair's longevity and warranty. Sometimes, shelling out a bit more at the start for a chair that’s built to last, with solid after-sales support, makes sense. It's like buying quality boots; invest a little extra today, and reap the savings later.


Owning a massage chair is like having a personal spa right at home. Dive into those relaxation vibes anytime the mood strikes. Here's a slice of advice: striking the right balance is key. Going overboard with the fun? Hold up! Not doing enough? you're skipping some of the best bits! The key? Listen to your body – it knows best. So, when you settle into that chair, set a timer, find your perfect setting, and just... relax. Enjoy!

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