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Dr. Steve Lee, a Princeton University graduate and a Diagnostic Radiology Specialist, calls the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair a "Game Changer."

Dr. Steve Lee is a Physician that specializes in Diagnostic Radiology and non-invasive procedures. He earned his education from Princeton Univeristy, Buffalo Medical School, and in New Haven, Connecticut.

His friends bought a Medical Breakthrough massage chair, and they were saying how great it is. He's very thorough, and after doing a lot of research, he was convinced the Breakthrough 9 was the chair for him.

The most important aspect of a Medical Breakthrough massage chair according to Dr. Steve Lee is the recovery process that the chair puts you through.

"If you do something rigorous and physically demanding it takes you days instead of hours to recover. Now I can embark on almost any activity daily and be ready the next day if I use the Medical Breakthrough Chair."

The human body needs to recover from the wear, tear and daily stress we put it through. After a long day, your body needs to be rejuvenated and the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair does an amazing job at working out every inch of your body so you can feel renewed.

Dr. Lee has noticed that he's been able to play golf now for multiple days in a row; without sorness or joint aches because of his new massage chair. For this, he highly recommends the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair as a "game changer" and "unlike any other product." He uses the chair so much that he plans on buying a second one for his vacation home because he knows he will need it when he goes there to relax.