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Dr. Ralph Nicassio owns more than 4 massage chairs now, and highly recommends the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs to everyone he knows!

Dr. Ralph Nicassio is a general dentist with a DDS degree and has been practicing in Southern California for over 30 years. He is just like most people that bought massage chairs. He loves them because they really help make him feel a lot better on a daily basis. The only problem is, just like everyone that buys massage chairs, he already had 3 different chairs before he came to Medical Breakthrough.

Most massage chair owners end up having multiple chairs. Many people start out with a lighter chair because their body hasn't gotten used to massage yet, but after a few months they want a stronger chair. If you ask any long-time massage chair owner, they will tell you that after 2 years they wanted to remove all the padding to make the chair as strong as possible.

At Medical Breakthrough, we try to prevent you from having 3 different chairs. What we do is custom tailor medical pads to be added to the chair so you can get a much softer massage if you need it. And if you do end up needing a stronger massage, the pads are easily removable. For every chair we offer, you have 3 months from the date you order for us to fully customize the chair to your body.

Customizing a chair is just like making a tailored suit. Once we customized the chair for Dr. Nicassio, he loved it. Just like everyone else, if he had ordered the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair from the start, he would have saved himself from buying 3 other chairs.

Dr. Nicassio loves his new Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair because of the adjustments you can make to the chair, which allow for a custom tailored experience that solved much of the pain he had.

After owning 3 previous massage chairs and now onto Medical Breakthrough, Dr. Nicassio thinks Medical Breakthrough is by far the best chair he has had. That's why he was excited to review the chair. It is extremely customizable and helps him relieve the pain that he constantly battles with as a result of spinal fusion in his back. It works so well for him that he recommends it to many of his patients and everyone he knows!


"For me, there's nothing better than a night's sleep after a great massage with this chair. It's one of the truly great things you can do for yourself."