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Dan Johnson, a social worker for over 20 years, loves the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair because it does wonders for his disabled son.

Dan Johnson, a social worker for over 20 years, has done everything he can to help people in need, and has a Masters Degree in Social Work. He has run homeless shelters, and has done an extensive amount of work with disabled people.

Through his journey as a social worker, he met and adopted someone named Johnny, who he met in Houston at a healthcare institution for the disabled. Johnny is deaf and blind, and has a series of other problems such as hammer toe, plantar fasciitis, and flat feet.

After Mr. Johnson had an accident in which he severely hurt his neck, he started looking to buy a masssage chair. He did an extensive amount of research, and decided to go with Medical Breakthrough.

Once he got the chair, he was so happy with how much it helped him that he makes sure that Johnny gets a massage from the chair multiple times a day and has even set up a remote pad that Johnny steps on before sitting in the massage chair; this pad alerts Dan that Johnny has sat down in the massage chair and is waiting for him to start the massage.

Johnny has no way of communicating his emotions verbally or through facial expressions, but Dan says that Johnny loves the chair because if he didn't love it, he would never sit in the chair and wait for Dan to start the massage for him everyday.

Dan says that he has seen a lot of improvement since first using the chair. He developed numbness in his fingers as a result of the neck injury, but after each use with the massage chair, he notices that numbness becomes less of a problem. "I try using it everyday, and I end up moving a lot better because of it."

"We're happy to hear of stories like this, because we put in so much work into the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs and we don't have millions of dollars to advertise, so we're glad the chair can help as many people as possible." ~ Sarah Mitchell, Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs.