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According to Alexa, an Amazon owned company, Medical Breakthrough® is officially the LARGEST massage chair company online!

Alexa, www.alexa.com is an Amazon owned company that compares traffic on the internet. It's a fun application to check which company is big and which is small. According the Alexa, the #1 most visited site in the United States is Google, #2 is Youtube, and #15 is Craiglist.

When it comes to the massage chair industry, the top 3 most visted companies companies are Medical Breakthrough®, Human Touch, and Inada. Medical Breakthrough® leads the pack ranking as the #55,655* most popular site on the internet, while the next closest competitor is Human Touch, coming in at ranked #137,297.

As of September 2017, Medical Breakthrough® is officially the largest massage chair company online, and while the other massage chair companies are only open 8 hours a day, Medical Breakthrough® is open 18 hours a day, from 5AM all the way until 10:30PM. We are also open all 365 days a year, including every holiday! So while you're enjoying Christmas and New Years off, we're here every single day, 18 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you.

When you're in pain, you need help fast.
We're just a phone call away.

*Data taken from www.alexa.com on September 12, 2017

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